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We are an online streetwear clothing store based in Perth, Western Australia. Our website launched on December 1st, 2011 with the  aim to present a range of brands different to most. We aren’t like anyone else in a number of ways. Besides meeting the online shopping demands of many, we are pop up shop specialists. Currently we are running a pop up shop in Fremantle, Western Australia. We don’t do what everyone else, we don't carry the same generic brands. Every so often things get changed dramatically, be it in our mobile pop up shops or even online. Online and in our pop up shops you will find yourself coming in contact with a number of 5 panels, snapbacks, bucket hats, t-shirts, outerwear and many more pieces that have been sourced from brands ranging from New York all the way to Taiwan 

We are the first Stock exchange styled online streetwear retailer in the clothing game. Our website is designed around the concept of being different, the name StreetX originates from the new stock exchange coming to Australia, Chi-X.

Why the name and theme? Difference.

Australia needs an online retailer of premium streetwear goods, You just found it. We don’t carry stock in large quantities, stock doesn’t last long.

Fuck the Market.