27/01 Collection

27/01 Collection



    Racing meets Australiana meets the traveling story of the Pina Colada boys.

    Our newest collection draws reference from some of Australias greatest animals, locations and sporting folklore. Picture yourself trackside in the full StreetX Racing kit, fist up screaming They Know whilst one of australia's fastest track cars speeds passed.  This is what dreams are made of!

    The Scorpion, the Snake and the almighty and infamous Redback - Who wins the crown of Australia's most deadly. Our love affair with our local fauna continues with a series of dedicated tees alongside the perfect outback shorts!

    Last and not least, the newest PCB merch. The story of travel continues, a new line consisting of references to our inability to travel with covid and time at home. Peep the Airlines tee and the Breakout graphics - you know the vibe!

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