Pedal Mafia

Pedal Mafia


    The range bridges the gap between two Australian brands and tells the story of our homeland through a thought out collection of pieces. The range collection consists of 6 on bike pieces and 5 off bike pieces to cater to the elite cyclist as well as your every day commuter. The synergy between the two Perth based brands was natural, with both brands acting on the world stage, it was only a matter of time before we joined forces to tell our story.

    A recent injury to StreetX owner, Daniel Bradshaw brought the two brands together as the two like minded owners of each brand ( Jay Barron of Pedal Mafia ) teamed up to create a range that grew authentically through weekly riding.

    Our Geographical location here in Perth, Western Australia contributes to us being exposed to extreme winds year round. Scorching heat throughout the Summer months creates local low pressure systems - with the result being light to gale force winds which rush from the sea to fill the lower pressure area left by hot air rising from the land. These patterns and charts are reflected through a range of the products alongside heavily branded items emblazoned with the core logos of each brand.

    The collection is purely built around the two brands desire to showcase our amazing homeland through product and the amazing weather systems that influence cyclists on the daily.

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