StreetX // RVCA Collection

StreetX // RVCA Collection


    The StreetX and RVCA collection; one thats been years in the making - a collection that embodies the unique intricacies of the two western coasts, from Perth to Costa Mesa.

    A new collection of product built upon the sporting foundations of both brands with a concise selection of purpose-built grappling product, including a grappling short, rashie and walk out tee. This component of the release also marks the very first collaborative Shoyoroll gi to grace Australian soil.

    The dichotomy between technical grappling garments and everyday streetwear is blurred with the addition of the Double Tap tee featuring founders of both brands; PM Tenore of RVCA and Daniel Bradshaw ( or GucciSmooothie ) of StreetX. A tongue-in-cheek graphical representation of the beauty of the balance of opposites.

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